JBBA participated in a Sofia University event presenting the Kikkoman business case in Europe

JBBA partnered the end of MBA academic season lecture of the Sofia University’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. On 10 June 2022 in the Aula Magna of the university the guests of the event from academia and business, as well as foreign diplomats saw a presentation by Prof. Hiroo Takahashi, Soka University, Japan. The presentation entitled Why Japanese food is so popular: The case of Kikkoman in Europe, focused on the business around food, its cultural and business importance, as well as the great progress outside Japan of Kikkoman. The event was opened by speeches from Todor Yalamov, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Vladislav Mihov, Chairman of the Managing Board of JBBA.

Kikkoman is the global leader on the soy sauce market with the taste of its product recognized in more than 100 countries in the world. The company is also the soy sauce provider for the Japanese Emperor. During the event the business of the company was presented by Mr. Hide Yoshihashi, Managing Director of Kikkoman Europe and Ms. Ana Meach, Manager Marketing and Sales.

The event ended with a food demonstration by Kikkoman Chef Milen Zlatev that involved delicious courses prepared with the high-quality soy sauces of Kikkoman.