Yazaki Bulgaria – a socially responsible company that put quality first

On August 4, Yazaki Bulgaria, Yambol received the Q1 award from Ford. This high status is awarded only to those companies that fully meet Ford’s quality standards in terms not only of products, but also of all the company’s business processes: production, document management,  logistics,  environmental protection, the level of service provided.

Meeting Q1 requirements aims to provide a uniform standard for the production of auto components for all Ford partners. Obtaining the Q1 certificate means the inclusion of Yazaki Bulgaria in Ford’s global supplier system, which gives priority when receiving orders for new projects.       

It’s up to us whether we live in a green and clean city. Yazaki very well understands the importance of environmental action. We work on optimizing routes, fuel costs and other similar strategies to reduce harmful emissions. For the purposes of this responsible policy, our company has now actively joined the initiative of Yambol municipality on landscaping of the city. On October 4, Yazaki’s employees participated in the planting of 15, purchased with the funds of a company, trees. Such activities energize us positively   with optimism and set a good example of the city we live in.

We are a socially responsible company that is not indifferent to which environment we live in. With motivation to achieve a more attractive world, along with other public figures and companies, Yazaki Yambol also joined the initiative, purchasing 8 new benches for the city park. This year the charity cause was further developed: for the children from two educational institutions in Stralzha were handed comfortable for rest in the schoolyard benches and tables.

The campaign “Donate a cap, save a life“ started in Yazaki in 2018 with the placement of the first container for collecting caps in the plants, but quickly grew to all departments on the territory of the plant.

Yazaki employees, in addition to separately collecting waste in order to be recycled, also support the charitable initiative supporting the purchase of medical equipment for paediatric wards. We hope the example we set will be followed by others and create good together!