Meeting of the President Rumen Radev with the management board of JBBA consisting of the CEOs od Japanese companies in Bulgaria

President Rumen Radev met with the management board of JBBA

The President of the Republic of Bulgaria invited the members of the management board of JBBA, as well as the Ambassador of Japan to Bulgaria – H. E. Hiroshi Narahira, to a meeting on “Dondukov 2” to learn more about the activities and development plans of the association.

The head of state noted the consistent actions of the presidential institution to achieve new dynamics in the economic and investment partnership between Bulgaria and Japan. In 2020, at a meeting aiming to promote investment cooperation between the two countries, hosted by the Bulgarian President, the initiative to establish the Japan-Bulgaria Business Association was presented.

Rumen Radev pointed out the huge untapped potential in the relations between Bulgaria and Japan and added that our country highly values ​​the predictability and correctness of the Japanese companies that invest in our country. The head of state also highlighted the advantages of our country for attracting investments: geostrategic location, stable macroeconomic indicators and high-quality capital.

Vladislav Mihov, Chairman of the management board of the Japan-Bulgarian Business Association, thanked the head of state for his support and said that the organization would support both the entry of Japanese companies on the Bulgarian market and Bulgarian companies to find partners in Japan.

Stamen Bankovski, Deputy Chairman of the management board of the Association, said he is optimistic about the future, as the companies from the association have already proven that they can successfully develop their business in Bulgaria, and can participate with their experience in improving business environment in various areas such as regulations, education and others.

Todor Kesimov, a member of the management board of the association, added that part of the efforts will be aimed at improving the business climate, environment and conditions in which Japanese companies operate in Bulgaria, as the amount of income they declare is extremely important for the economy in the country.

During the conversation, Ambassador Hiroshi Narahira noted the dynamically developing startup ecosystem in Bulgaria and the tendency of young Bulgarians to return with their ideas and business plans to implement in their country. The Ambassador of Japan to Bulgaria also invited the country to participate in the major international exhibition World Expo 2025, which will be held in 2025 in Osaka, Japan.