JTI Bulgaria is calling for proper disposal of filters of tobacco products

JTI Bulgaria is launching a communication campaign to remind tobacco consumers to dispose properly their cigarette filters after use – in the designated places. The campaign "Are you going to tell me what to do?" will be promoted throughout November and December on radio and social media.

The campaign is calling for responsible consumer behavior by giving examples of real situations in which tobacco consumers find themselves. The campaign's messages are based on situations in our everyday lives and some of the common examples where we see cigarette filters or filters of other tobacco products being disposed improperly – for example on the pavement, in a park or garden, on the beach, or out of a car window.

"According to a study conducted in the European Union, on average three out of ten tobacco filters are disposed improperly. However, we don't need statistics to act responsibly to the world around us. To dispose a cigarette filter correctly is such a small effort and makes a difference instantly." stated Marton Pataki, JTI Bulgaria Country Manager

The communication campaign is implemented by Japan Tobacco International Bulgaria (JTI Bulgaria) in compliance with Article 23 of the Ordinance on reducing the environmental impact of certain plastic products.