New services from Tokuda Bank to ensure higher security of card payments

Confirmation of online payments with biometric data

Tokuda Bank implements a new service for biometric authentication through a smart device to ensure higher security of online payments.

With this new service every holder of a credit and/or debit card, issued by Tokuda Bank, will be able to confirm online transactions without the need to memorize and use additional static or dynamic passwords. 

Biometric data – such as fingerprints, face shape, etc. – are unique for every person, which makes them extremely suitable means for identity verification. Therefore the biometric authentication is currently the most secure method for online shopping, which makes online payments safer than ever before. 

Each holder of Mastercard or Maestro card, issued by Tokuda Bank, who wants to use the new service for faster and safer online payments, will be able to download the application B-Trust of Biorica AD to a smart device and register the card for payments with biometric data.

More information and details on how to activate the service and download the app for mobile banking are available at the official site of Tokuda Bank

SMS notifications for authorizations of card payments

The new service SMS notifications for authorizations of card payments will help clients to monitor card accounts and prevent the unlikely events of unauthorized payments.

As a holder of a debit and/or credit card Maestro and Mastercard, issued by Tokuda Bank, clients will receive a short message at a mobile device immediately after each online authorization. Clients will be able to monitor the payments and receive information in case of unauthorized transaction.

*Authorization of card payments is the permission, which the bank –  issuer of the card (or third party authorized by the bank) grants for execution of the respective card transaction.


  • security – one monitors the use of your cards and your funds, the credit limit or overdraft, which is used for online payments, Internet shopping or withdrawal of cash, both in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • prevention – in the unlikely event of unauthorized use of cards one can immediately inform Tokuda Bank or Borica. This will prevent the risk of losing money if a card is stolen, lost or falsified;
  • 24 hour service – notwithstanding where a client is, in Bulgaria or abroad, one will receive information 24 hours, 7 days a week;
  • control – clients will receive detailed information for each successful authorization such as date, hour and type of transaction – withdrawal of cash or payment at ATM or POS terminal;

Useful information:
Since one will be using a roaming service by a mobile operator it is possible that SMS notification may not be received when travelling in a country outside the EU or USA.

To ensure the convenience of its customers Tokuda Bank offers a new service – deferred payment on a credit cards due amounts.


By using Deferred payment of a credit cards due amounts customers will be able:

  • To defer the payment of the obligatory minimum repayment amount in the current or in the following repayment period;
  • In the meantime, without any additional charges, to continue to use your credit card and make your usual operations: to purchase goods and pay for services, withdraw cash, check statements, etc.
  • Quick procedure– to activate the service one needs to submit a completed form;
  • Flexibility – one can use the service twice a year.


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